Uncontested Divorce Paperwork from $500

Have the assistance of an attorney to do your paperwork right the first time

If you have a basic understanding with your spouse, but you are worried about doing your own divorce paperwork…you don’t have to. Have your court papers prepared by an attorney with deep experience in divorce, so you know they were done properly. I can help you save money depending on what you want to do and what you want me to do, for example:

For $500, I will sit down with you, discuss the typical divorce terms, options, answer any questions, and then prepare a draft of the terms for your review. You then proof read it and let me know of any changes you would like to make.  Once approved, I will make a complete divorce packet of documents for you to take to court to file. You will pay the court filing fee of $318 to file your case.

For $950, I will do the above, plus file the documents for you.  (You will pay the court filing fee of $318)

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