Uncontested Divorce from $500

If you have a basic understanding with your spouse, but you are worried about doing your own divorce paperwork? You don't have to. Have your court papers prepared by an attorney with deep experience in divorce, so you know they were done properly.

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Paperwork Review from $300

If you have done your divorce paperwork online, but are confused with what options to choose or what to do with the dozens of documents that were produced--have them reviewed prior to filing from $300.

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Estate Plans from $900

Everybody needs a will and a trust, but few actually have them. We can review your situation and needs and provide a a full estate plan with wills, a trust, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and a living will starting at $900.

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Adoptions from $950

Have you put off doing a step-parent adoption for too long? Make it official.  Most are surprised that an uncontested adoption can be quite affordable.

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About David Hunter

David Hunter is an experienced attorney and mediator who has helped thousands of clients navigate their legal issues and cases.

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